Nelson Research Group

University of California, Berkeley | Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

The microbial world on display at Micropia, Amsterdam. (highly recommend a visit!)

Nelson Research Group

University of California, Berkeley

Our research aims to advance environmentally sustainable and socially equitable water infrastructure and practices around the globe.  We embrace the challenge of studying complex systems and recognize that engineering is only part of the solution.  We strive to bring attention and resources to understudied problems, leverage our unique capabilities as researchers at a world-class university while also recognizing our limitations, and collaborate with partners (academic and non-academic) with whom we have shared goals.  We conduct research at several levels, including fundamental science (e.g., mechanisms of pathogen inactivation), research methods (e.g., new molecular techniques for pathogen detection), engineering practice (e.g., optimizing treatment processes), and technology innovation (e.g. new low-cost, point-of-use, treatment technologies for drinking water). We aim to embody excellence in all that we do.  To support each other’s success, we actively work to cultivate an inclusive climate in the research group and to continuously educate ourselves about inclusive practices. We use a co-created Mentor-Mentee Compact Agreement to facilitate effective mentoring relationships.



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